What you should know to clean your car rims properly.

Rims are said to be one of the most representative vehicles’ elements. Usually stylish rims can change any car almost beyond recognition. So if you want to improve your car’s general look invest in high-quality rims. Not only do rims improve car appearance, but also they support the tire. Nevertheless, it is only half the battle. There is a wide range of car rims, and some of them are really expensive. Because of that very important thing is to clean rims properly, which allows you to maintain a good look of them and thereby wheels as well. It is difficult to keep our wheels and rims good looking and shining as if they were new, but there some ways how to get rid of brake dust and mud easily and effectively. In addition, remember that usually just simple products from your home are enough to get satisfactory results.

There should be underlined that while at a car wash you can easily clean the whole vehicle, wheels are parts which deserve and to be treated with more detailed care. Because of this reason, we strictly recommend cleaning wheels, especially rims, with new brand “soft” or “extra soft” toothbrush. It might seem to be a bridge too far, but a gentle toothbrush perfectly suits to wheels’ small crevices. Cleaning with a toothbrush, undoubtedly, will avoid rims scratching. If you want to use “such tool”, first off all, you need to wash your car and tires with soap and water. Leave your vehicles wet for a few minutes, and then use a cloth or sponge to initially dirt off your car. After that, you should manoeuver with a toothbrush and precisely cleaned every nook and nanny of your car’s rims. Very important is to use one tooth brush to clean rim and the other to clean tires.

Keep in mind that not all types of rims can be cleaned with the same cleaner; for instance, when it comes to aluminum or chrome types you can use something stronger. On offer, there are cleaners, which are suitable only to clean tires, only for rims, or those designated for both elements. Nevertheless, if you do not decide on universal cleaner, before you start cleaning; check whether these other cleaners are suited to the material of your tires, or to material of your rim. Otherwise, you can damage these elements and worsen their general appearance. It is also very important to follow all instructions included on each cleaner. Usually, you will be instructed to spray directly the rim, let it soak for about 60-70 seconds and then wash it down. You can also use a paper towel to dry and polish rims.

Moreover, if you notice that your rims are covered with surface rust, you do not have to outright buy the new ones. In a bid to remove rust, just use an Acid Cleaner. It is easy-to-use, but the process of rust removing should be done carefully as it may cause scratches on a rim surface. The last and probably the most crucial point is to clean rims and tires once you have cleaned the rest of your car, otherwise, all remained dust and mud will be washed down onto your cleaned and shining rims.

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