Protect your wheels

Protect your wheels and rims

How to protect your wheels and rims against stealing

Rims and wheels may add an extra look to our vehicle. They play very important decorative role. Because of this reasons, sometimes we are able to pay a lot of money to buy some fancy and stylish rims and wheels. Unfortunately, there are people who just want to steal your equipment, sell it and make profits on your money. Probably, some of you have experienced such horrible feeling, when you were really “surprised” by the morning view of your car deprived of wheels or beautiful rims. In this article, we would like to give you a few handy tips how to protect your car and avoid being deprived of your pride and joy.

Have you wondered how do thefts steal car rims? Usually, they cooperate and work in organized groups. Why? At the beginning, your car must be lifted, so to avoid being caught, the whole process must be performed very quickly. One person is not able to lift the car and then take four wheels off in about 15 minutes. During such a short time, none can notice that something wrong is going with your car. Because of that, you need to put some barriers which at least make your car not so attractive for thieves. If they see any blockades, they will probably resign from stealing your staff. The longer it may take, the more possible is to be caught.

One of the greatest and possible innovations which should prevent thefts from stealing your rims and wheels is a new locking system. If the theft removes the cap of a wheel, then the LED’s flushes, activates blockade on the wheel nuts. A thief is unable to take the wheel nuts, and therefore there is no access to the rims and wheels. The only person who can remove blockade is the vehicle’s owner who is only supposed to enter the code in the app. However, till this moment, it is only the idea which will be a huge breakthrough in motorization. Unfortunately, we have to use some other more simple methods to reduce the risk of stealing. Firstly, for a night try to park your car as close to your house as it is possible. During a day, park your car in areas with a lot off traffic. Secondly, try also to remember about turning your wheels. Then a lifting and taking wheels off are much more difficult. Thirdly, you should also consider using locks. Thanks to this option, your wheels lugs are very difficult to remove. Although they are quite expensive, they are very effective as well. However, if you are in hurry, removing them might be quite inconvenient. Another method protecting your car is alarm system which also includes sensors attached to wheels. Moreover, you can also use wheel clamps. That is also effective protection, but such device requires special key to be open. It prevents thieves from stealing your wheels, but taking wheel clamp off every day is really time-consuming. Moreover, there are other three wheels at risk because wheel clamps are rather to protect your car in general, not especially wheels and rims.