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Steel wheels – important information

Many people think that rims are only a decorative element of the car. Yes, it is partially true, but they are also a necessary component of any vehicle. First of all, they provide proper ventilation for brakes and other elements of the braking mechanisms to ensure it will not be damaged so easily. You can find various versions of rims on the market, from steel wheels to aluminum ones. Steel is less popular nowadays, but we have decided to write about them, as they have great advantages.

Steel wheels – how to choose good rims

To make sure steel wheels are serving their main purpose and provide an additional safety on the road, you should match them perfectly with the type of your car – including iits year of production and engine type. It is crucial to buy rims which have correctly placed holes for setup, so you can mount them easily and safely. It is also advisable to check the ET – the offset which can be positive or negative. ET determines how far from the symmetry axis is from the montage line.  When it is negative, the axis is outside, while in positive values the axis is hidden. When you buy steel wheels, you should also check the diameter of the central hole, which should be matched with the wheel hub. Why is it important? Well, only if you match the wheel perfectly you can be sure it will be able to withstand the pressures and burdens it is subjected to. When you look for a proper wheel, also check if it has double safety collar which will prevent wheel sliding during driving. When you select steel wheels (a large selection of products you will find at,  you have to measure their diameter, width, profile shape, collar, the number of holes, diameter of the central hole. All of those information can be found in the wheel specifications.

Steel wheels – advantages

Most drivers nowadays decide to buy aluminum rims and steel ones are not as popular as they were a decade ago. Nevertheless, they have a lot of advantages. First of all, steel wheels are available in a huge variety of sizes, so you can find a set that will fit your car perfectly without much trouble. In addition, they are much cheaper than aluminum rims. What’s more, their weight can also be considered an advantage. You may think that they are heavier, but that is not always the case – steel wheels  can be lighter than their aluminum counterparts and that is why they are often mounted on stock cars and do not contribute to a higher fuel consumption. They are also much easier to match with bigger tires, so they are ideal for winter tires.

Steel wheels – disadvantages

Steel wheels are not perfect of course, but not a single product is. The biggest one is their style – they all look almost identical. Steel is not a material that you can shape and form easily, thus steel wheels will not look as great as aluminum counterparts. They also do not provide as much ventilation to the braking systems and are not as resistant to rust as aluminum rims. Nevertheless, a high quality steel wheel can be found for a fraction of a price of the aluminum one, so they are worth considering if you have a tight budget.

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Choose the best car rims

Car rims add stylish appearance to your wheels. However, before you decide on buying car rims you should know several quite important things about this topic. First of all, there are three main types of car rims: alloy rims, steel rims and chrome rims.

Alloy rims refer to wheels made from combination of various aluminum and very little amounts of other metals. Thanks to such combination, wheels are really durable and resilient to weather conditions. They are not only strong, but also lightweight. They are also said to add great value to each model of vehicle. This is the reason of increasing popularity of such rims. More and more customers are deciding on this type because it is available in wide range of shapes and at really reasonable prices. Alloy rims look aesthetically and they are also sold with various finishes, for instance, there are chrome finishes on offer, or they can be polished, or painted as well. In addition, probably everyone will find the set of alloy car rims with no difficulties, as they are available in varied sizes: from 13 inches up to 18 inches. Such variety of sizes, shapes and finishes can provide you with absolutely original and personalized look of your vehicle. If you go for alloy rims, keep in mind that they should be cleaned regularly. On the market, there are a large number of products designated for such material. You can also clean them with water and with a little amount of liquid soap. However, under no circumstances can you use products with abrasive components, buffers, and any other tools or substances which may scratch the surface.

Steel rims are made from steel which is known as the really light material. Nevertheless, they are stronger than the aluminum rims and thereby they are more durable. Thanks to this, it is also really hard to scratch or damage them, but repairing them is very easy.Another advantage of steel rims is the price. Steel rims are cheaper than the alloy ones. However, the biggest disadvantage of this type o is that they are not resistant to corrosion. Moreover, steel rims are available in little variety. The main problem with cleaning steel car rims is corrosion. There are a large number of products for corrosion removing, but remember that the most important is prevention. Because of this reason, try to as much as it is possible keep your car in garage, at least at nights.

The third type is the chrome rim. Chrome rims are available in various sizes, weights, and shapes. In addition, spokes designs’ are absolutely varied, so everyone can find something the most suitable for their car. There are also three general looks of chrome rims: black, polished and matte. They are much more durable than steel and alloy rims, and resistant to corrosion. However, chrome rims need cleaning on a regular basis. At least every month, you should properly remove dust and grease from rims. In case of bad weather conditions, it is recommended to do it more often. Otherwise, the shiny surface can be damaged. Owners’ cars with chrome rims should use wheel cleaner, chrome polish and wheel wax. They are enough to maintain chrome rims shiny and in perfect condition.


What you should know to clean your car rims properly.

Rims are said to be one of the most representative vehicles’ elements. Usually stylish rims can change any car almost beyond recognition. So if you want to improve your car’s general look invest in high-quality rims. Not only do rims improve car appearance, but also they support the tire. Nevertheless, it is only half the battle. There is a wide range of car rims, and some of them are really expensive. Because of that very important thing is to clean rims properly, which allows you to maintain a good look of them and thereby wheels as well. It is difficult to keep our wheels and rims good looking and shining as if they were new, but there some ways how to get rid of brake dust and mud easily and effectively. In addition, remember that usually just simple products from your home are enough to get satisfactory results.

There should be underlined that while at a car wash you can easily clean the whole vehicle, wheels are parts which deserve and to be treated with more detailed care. Because of this reason, we strictly recommend cleaning wheels, especially rims, with new brand “soft” or “extra soft” toothbrush. It might seem to be a bridge too far, but a gentle toothbrush perfectly suits to wheels’ small crevices. Cleaning with a toothbrush, undoubtedly, will avoid rims scratching. If you want to use “such tool”, first off all, you need to wash your car and tires with soap and water. Leave your vehicles wet for a few minutes, and then use a cloth or sponge to initially dirt off your car. After that, you should manoeuver with a toothbrush and precisely cleaned every nook and nanny of your car’s rims. Very important is to use one tooth brush to clean rim and the other to clean tires.

Keep in mind that not all types of rims can be cleaned with the same cleaner; for instance, when it comes to aluminum or chrome types you can use something stronger. On offer, there are cleaners, which are suitable only to clean tires, only for rims, or those designated for both elements. Nevertheless, if you do not decide on universal cleaner, before you start cleaning; check whether these other cleaners are suited to the material of your tires, or to material of your rim. Otherwise, you can damage these elements and worsen their general appearance. It is also very important to follow all instructions included on each cleaner. Usually, you will be instructed to spray directly the rim, let it soak for about 60-70 seconds and then wash it down. You can also use a paper towel to dry and polish rims.

Moreover, if you notice that your rims are covered with surface rust, you do not have to outright buy the new ones. In a bid to remove rust, just use an Acid Cleaner. It is easy-to-use, but the process of rust removing should be done carefully as it may cause scratches on a rim surface. The last and probably the most crucial point is to clean rims and tires once you have cleaned the rest of your car, otherwise, all remained dust and mud will be washed down onto your cleaned and shining rims.