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Is it worth to buy spare wheel covers?

Is it worth to buy spare wheel covers?

Most of us have their spare wheel in the trunk, while the whole spare set of wheels (or the seasonal set) is hidden in the garage or basement. There is nothing wrong with that, although you may not remember that storage of wheels and tires without special covers makes them more susceptible to harmful outside factors which can affect their state and even make them unusable. That is why we decided to write an article about spare wheel covers and describe them briefly. If you’re interested – read on.

Spare wheel covers – characteristics

Spare wheel covers can be bought online or in traditional stores. They are usually made of high quality materials (most often polypropylene)which is resistant to scratching and abrasions. Thus, the resistance to exterior damage is great. In addition, they are not easy to tear. As such, once you buy a spare wheel cover, it may serve you for many years. The covers are available in a huge variety of sizes, so you shouldn’t have any problem with finding the one that matches your wheels. They can be also cleaned easily and even machine-washed. Many covers also have special Velcro elements which ensure the wheel does not tumble around in your trunk. All in all, they are a very convenient and relatively cheap solution for any vehicle owner. What’s more, the manufacturers try to make them not only useful, but also appealing to the eye, so they are often decorated with colorful edges or logos. As all of the materials are of the highest quality, spare wheel covers can be zipped easily, using one hand.

Why is the spare wheel cover worth buying?

Now you know the most distinct characteristics of the covers, but why are they worth your time and money?

First things first – securing the wheel is important. The covers are made of materials which are resistant to heat and moisture and thus, your wheel will be too. We have also mentioned Velcro elements which ensure that the wheel doesn’t bounce around and do not damage the interior during an emergency braking.

Secondly – cleanliness. When you use spare wheel (read more on you can be sure your trunk is always clean. Even if the spare is dirty, it will be closed in a cover and won’t transform the back of a car into a desert. It is also a great way to keep your luggage clean during longer drives.

Convenience – covers are often equipped with handles which make the handling of spares easier.
The looks – many cover designs include logos or interesting graphics, so you don’t have to drive with a dull bare wheel in the trunk.

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