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How is the tire made?

How is the tire made?

How is the tire made? That’s a good question? In every car we have to take care of keeping the highest possible quality of parts and elements that are essential to drive the car. Regular replacements of worn out gears is also essential – the responsibility of safely getting to the goal of our journey and making the drive safe for other participants lies on our shoulders.

One of such elements is a tire – the traction depends on it, quality of drive and many other factors that are to be felt by ourselves. Tire is pretty complex element of our car, being made of many precisely matched parts that have specific features – they are permanently bound, thanks to which they serve us in the best way they can. So how the tire is made?

The most important element of tire is its tread – it is an outer part of tire that is responsible for making contact with the surface, called pavement and also for relocating load during the drive. Tire’s tread provides us also with much needed traction, especially when in curves. Moreover, thanks to certain treads we can provide ourselves with more stability while driving. As a consequence it not only has to flexible, but also wear-resistant, getting flat and incoming impacts. Not recommended is quick self-warm-up of the tire. Another of its elements is side wall, being the side of tire, made of rubbery mixture that is pretty soft and its main aim being amortization of the entire tire. It is the side of the tire that protects the entire tire from impacts that might prove deadly for tire’s frame. Another of elements is layers covering and stiffening the tread – they are armed with thin, but very resilient wires that cover the top points of the tire. They are positioned in an aslope way, layered and bonded. What is very important is that these elements have to be stiff and pointing in the direction of tire’s perimeter and as a consequence they will not overspread because of centrifugal force and so the diameter of our tire will be always under control does not matter the conditions of the usage. Moreover, tread’s hardenings have to be immensely tough in transversal direction to stand the drift power but at the same time be enough flexible vertically so as to overcome the obstacles with no difficulties. Next comes ply, also known as tire’s frame that is an inner layer of thin wires and textiles bond with caoutchouc and set in straight arcs. These small elements made of steel are greatly important for the tire’s structure, because they give it resistance to pressure, having their part in preventing its sides’ distortion from happening. What is interesting is that in this area we shall find around 1500 wires – and every one of them can deal with 15 kilos of load. Tire includes also toe guard – its role is to secure a stable connection between tire and rim – because of it there are tires with inner tubes and without. Bead wire makes toe guard properly stiff. There is also enlacement that is set under the tread and reinforcement made of strong rubber and inner caulking layer made of soft caoutchouc. Tire made this way will surely drive as to the destination.

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