spare wheel

Buying spare wheel

How to buy a spare wheel? A few good advice

Every driver should have a spare wheel in the trunk of their car – be it a normal spare or a space saver. Only this way you can be sure that you won’t get surprised in case of emergency and a flat tire won’t hinder your long trip. Of course, first and foremost, the spare you use should be of the highest possible quality to overcome even the worst road conditions. Those who don’t know how to choose a good spare wheel should read this article – we have prepared a list of important factors you should be aware of. If you’re interested, check out our text below.

  • First of all – size. It all depends what type of spare wheel you will buy – a space saver or a normal variant. If you don’t know what is the size of the wheels of your car, you can find the relevant information in the manual. Many important notes are also on a sticker you can find on a fuel cap, lower part of the driver’s door… look for the stickers on the driver’s side and if you can’t find those, try to search the internet.
  • Speed index is another important thing. It is recommended to buy spare wheels which conform (or exceed) the standard parameter of your car. Why is that? Well, it is safer. You don’t have to drive 200 km/h to make use of the tires, but those made for high speeds are simply more durable, resistant to g-forces and are resistant to damage. Thus, it is better to dish out more money and buy a better spare wheel which will help you more than once if you get a flat tire.
  • Brand also has an importance. The basic rubber mix is the same for almost every tire manufacturer, but the best ones ad something more to make their products better, more durable and use modern technologies in their production process. When you search for a spare wheel, try to buy one from an acclaimed manufacturer – you will get a high-quality product, a warranty for it and you can be sure the spare will stay in good condition for years to come. If you have a standard, middle class car, aim for the standard tires. But if you have a sports car in your garage, you shouldn’t try to save money on spare tires – buy the premium ones.
  • “Best to use” date is also crucial. In theory, tires don’t have “best before” dates specified, but it’s not entirely true. Manufacturers and shops can sell a tire with a 2-year warranty but only if the wheel was stored in the warehouse for no longer than 3 years. As such, you can presume that a “best to use” date for a spare is 5 years. Thus, when you look for a spare wheel, try to find the one which was manufactured recently. How to see the production date? Look at the wheel’s code – first two digits are for weeks, the last two – a year. So if you encounter a spare wheel with a code 3015, you will know it was made in july 2015.

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chrome rims

Clean and polish chrome rims

How to clean and polish chrome rims.

Each car owner should take care of his car. However, washing car is not enough, and there are other elements that need your special attention. One of the most representative parts each care are car wheels. Most real funs of motorization are aware of the fact that car rims may change the look of any vehicle very much. Because of this reason, if who want to enjoy the beautiful and shiny look of your car wheels, you need to take care of them. However, as you probably know, there are several types of car rims: alloy, steel and chrome. In this article, we will focus on how to clean and polish chrome rims. Our aim is to help you bring the shine of your car rims again.

At the beginning, there should be underlined what products exactly you need. All necessary staff you should purchase includes car wash soap, steel wool and something for polishing, but it also should be designated especially for chrome car wheels. Steel wool is the most important element of such kit because it will remove all adhesive staff, for example, remains after any chemical substances, any dark stains. The example of substance which is undoubtedly not really pleasant, but a large number of people are struggling with this problem is the dog urine. Even if you wash and clean it right away, unfortunately, stains will remain. A lot of people do not know steel wool will be perfect “remedy” for such stains. Of course, steel wool can also be used for other chrome surfaces not only those on your car rims. Thanks to this you will get rid of any imperfections that are on your chrome rims.

The whole process of cleaning car chrome rims should include all of aforementioned elements. The first step is to use the car wash (products used for general car washing). Before you start polishing, you need to clean and then dry rims very properly. After that use the steel wool, which is known to be highly efficient, so take a little bit of it on a small soft sponge, and remove all stains. Try to touch each part of the rim, and make it really carefully. We do not recommend doing it when you are in hurry, because you miss a lot of grain, so to achieve great effects, enjoy this process. Do not stop polishing until rims are spotless and really shiny. After that, you should use another cloth to remove residue of steel wool, if any.

Now, you can start the next stage of polishing. The best products are those which are in forms of wades. Thanks to this, it is much easier to get to all recesses of car rims.Pay attention to products you choose because imagine that money you pay for them, is investment in your car as well. You can see the high quality of products if they remove all dust and tar instantly. If you have never polished chrome car rims, you should be aware of the fact that this process is really time-consuming. For each car rim you need about one hour. However, we really recommend repeating the whole process on the regular basis, at least once a month, depending on the weather conditions and how much you use your car. The more often you do it, the easier it is to remove the grease.

slick tires

Choose the right tire

Before you buy new tires, there are a lot of things to consider and take into account. How to choose the right tires? The most important factor is the use of your car: whether it is “a daily car”, or used very often in bad weather conditions. Then ask yourself if you want to use these tires only one season or maybe the whole year. The most common type of compound rubber tire does not well in worse weather conditions, particularly, in the snow and in the rain. Moreover,if you are going to take part in drive racesregularly, then you need tires which give you the maximum grip.

At the beginning let us focus on what the size of tire should you go for. Size information is included on the top of the tire, above spokes. We should underline that each car has own matched size of the tire. It is not recommended to use smaller size than this determined by the manufacturer, but bigger sizes are allowed. However, other alternative sizes are included in each carinstruction. The structure of the tire should be also perceived: bias or radial. In case of any doubts related to which type of the tire is the most suitable for your car, always check the size printed on tires you already have. There is printed numbers as follows: 245/40ZR20. What do these numbers stand for? 245 is the width of the tread of the tire in millimeters. The second parameter 40 is called aspect ratio. This is something quite confusing. There should be highlighted that this is the ratio of the high of the side wall of the width of the tire. The third one is the overall diameter of the tire which has to be matched to the wheel that you are going to buy. Considering presented example, the high of the side wall is 40% of the width of 245 millimeters wheel. That is really important factor in the performance of the tire. The higher sidewall is, the more flex and the more grip the car has. If the sidewall is shorter, it looks much better but then there is less grip and flex.

The next parameter is letters printed on the tire as well. In these particular example parameters, “Z” means the speed capability of the tire.  In this case, the tire is capable of speed in excess of 150 miles in one hour. Because of this, it is really important how fast you are going to drive. The last parameter that you should take into account during your tire selection is the tread pattern in the tread compound. The more open and wider tread pattern is, better the tire is going to shed the water and thereby perform better in worse weather conditions. The slick tire provides you with better grip because the rub has more direct contact with the ground (more information about slick tires you can find at The other important fact is that softer compounds have better grip but they have higher sidewall. Harder compounds are much more durable but they will not give you as good traction as the other tires will. All these parameters play really important role, so take them into account, especially if you are going to drive your car on car races or you live in rather cold and rainy climate.

car rims for audi

Choose the best car rims

Car rims add stylish appearance to your wheels. However, before you decide on buying car rims you should know several quite important things about this topic. First of all, there are three main types of car rims: alloy rims, steel rims and chrome rims.

Alloy rims refer to wheels made from combination of various aluminum and very little amounts of other metals. Thanks to such combination, wheels are really durable and resilient to weather conditions. They are not only strong, but also lightweight. They are also said to add great value to each model of vehicle. This is the reason of increasing popularity of such rims. More and more customers are deciding on this type because it is available in wide range of shapes and at really reasonable prices. Alloy rims look aesthetically and they are also sold with various finishes, for instance, there are chrome finishes on offer, or they can be polished, or painted as well. In addition, probably everyone will find the set of alloy car rims with no difficulties, as they are available in varied sizes: from 13 inches up to 18 inches. Such variety of sizes, shapes and finishes can provide you with absolutely original and personalized look of your vehicle. If you go for alloy rims, keep in mind that they should be cleaned regularly. On the market, there are a large number of products designated for such material. You can also clean them with water and with a little amount of liquid soap. However, under no circumstances can you use products with abrasive components, buffers, and any other tools or substances which may scratch the surface.

Steel rims are made from steel which is known as the really light material. Nevertheless, they are stronger than the aluminum rims and thereby they are more durable. Thanks to this, it is also really hard to scratch or damage them, but repairing them is very easy.Another advantage of steel rims is the price. Steel rims are cheaper than the alloy ones. However, the biggest disadvantage of this type o is that they are not resistant to corrosion. Moreover, steel rims are available in little variety. The main problem with cleaning steel car rims is corrosion. There are a large number of products for corrosion removing, but remember that the most important is prevention. Because of this reason, try to as much as it is possible keep your car in garage, at least at nights.

The third type is the chrome rim. Chrome rims are available in various sizes, weights, and shapes. In addition, spokes designs’ are absolutely varied, so everyone can find something the most suitable for their car. There are also three general looks of chrome rims: black, polished and matte. They are much more durable than steel and alloy rims, and resistant to corrosion. However, chrome rims need cleaning on a regular basis. At least every month, you should properly remove dust and grease from rims. In case of bad weather conditions, it is recommended to do it more often. Otherwise, the shiny surface can be damaged. Owners’ cars with chrome rims should use wheel cleaner, chrome polish and wheel wax. They are enough to maintain chrome rims shiny and in perfect condition.


Space Saver wheel

Space Saver wheel – types and short changing instruction

You never know what might happen on the road. Flat tire is not that uncommon and with such damage further trip is impossible. That is why storing a space saver wheel is so important. Spares are offered in numerous variants which we tried to describe below. All models have their pros and cons which are also enumerated. Additionally, we are publishing a short instruction for changing a flat tire in case you don’t know the drill. It’s really easy to do when you know a few steps.

Space saver wheel – three different options

As we have mentioned before, spare wheels are available in different variants and it is up to the driver which type suits the specific needs. First model is a full size spare wheel. It allows for a normal travel after changing the flat, as it does not affect the driving in any way. it has its drawbacks of course – first of all, it is large and heavy, so it will take up much space in the trunk. Furthermore, the weight will add a bit more gas to the mileage.

The second variant is used as a service wheel and it is a typical space saver wheel. It is much smaller and more narrow than a normal wheel. it is also lighter and looks more like a motorcycle wheel than a car one. Space saver, as the name implies, takes a lot less space in the trunk and is lighter. It has some serious disadvantages though. First of all, in most cases, you cannot change the flat tire in the front for a service wheel, so you have to put the back wheel on the front and then change the flat to the service model. Furthermore, you cannot drive more than 80 km/h (50 miles per hour) with a service spare. Such space saver wheel is a middle ground between a full sized spare and other means of servicing the flat tire.

The last variant is a wheel repair kit. It is an ideal solution for those who don’t have much space even for a space saver wheel. It is a fine idea, but you have to take note of the fact that it is useful only for small damages and cuts. You also cannot repair the damage on the side of the wheel and the repair kit is usually enough only for one flat. In majority of cases your repair kit may prove unusable. Nevertheless, it is a good addition to your handy repair kit – not that long ago such wheel repair kits were a standard equipment in sports cars, today they can be freely bought for normal cars.

Wheel repair kits are generally available in two types: as manufacturer brand and as an additional accessory. The first one is a pump and liquid combo, while the other one is usually in spray form. In case of field repairs using such kits it is crucial to follow all of the instructions to a tee, otherwise the repair will fail. Even if you do everything right, the wheel might still be impossible to pump – this means the damage is too serious. It is also important to remember that wheel repair kits are only used for a quick, temporary repair and the damaged wheel should be changed as quickly as possible for a new one.

Changing the tires – a short instruction

Changing your flat for a space saver is not that hard if you know the steps necessary for a quick filed repair. Many drivers have some issues with this kind of work, but we hope our hints will help you in case you get stranded in the middle of the road.

  1. First of all, stop in a spot which will not pose a anger to you and other drivers. If it’s possible, choose a flat, hard surface.
  2. Turn on your emergency blinkers and set up your emergency triangle sign at least a dozen yards behind your car.
  3. Make your car lighter – get all the unnecessary equipment out and ask your passengers to leave the car.
  4. Take the necessary tools from your car – the space saver wheel, the wrench or a tire iron and the jack to lift your car.
  5. Now it’s time for some necessary steps. Straighten your wheels, use a hand brake and put your car into first gear or reverse. Those who value even more safety can put some wedges under the wheels which will not be lifted to stabilize the car even more.
  6. Then it is time to loosen the screws on the flat tire. After that, place the jack under the car on the damaged wheel’s side in a certain spot – you can check the car instruction or look for wedges under the car to see where the jack goes. If the surface on which the car is parked is not solid, put a board or something hard under the jack to stabilize your car.
  7. Now you can lift the car up. Do it slowly. First lift the vehicle for only a few inches, check if everything is ok and only then resume the process.
  8. When you are sure the car is stable, take out the loosened screws and take off the damaged wheel.
  9. Put on the space saver wheel and put the screws back. Screw them back crosswise.
  10. When all screws are in place and are relatively tight, you can put the car down on he ground. Check the screws once again and tighten them more if needed. Now you can hide all the equipment in the trunk (don’t forget your flat tire!) and you can continue your journey.

As you can see, changing a flat tire is not hard, you just have to remember a few simple rules to do it quickly and efficiently. Of course, you have to have the necessary equipment in your car at all times. Without the jack, tire iron and the space saver wheel you won’t do a thing. It is also a good idea to have a can of WD-40 (or other penetrating oil) which will help you loosen the screws. You may catch a flat at any time, so you should be always prepared! If you are looking for Space Saver wheel you should definitely visit

store tires

How to store tires when they are not used?

How to store tires when they are not used?

How to store tires? End of winter or summer is a time when we have to replace tires with the ones appropriate for the coming season. However, not every one of us knows how to store tires when they are not used, so that the next time we want to mount them they are of no lesser quality than before. Firstly, when dismantling a tire it is important to check its state. If it is worn out and probably will not make a good choice for the next season, then it is a good idea to leave it at vulcanizer’s where its workers will take care of tire’s utilization. However, if our tires will make it to the next season, then we need to watch over them. A good option for inhabitants of estates and cities that have no place to keep their tires in is using special tire storage. Although it is possible to keep the tires entirely by ourselves, such a move requires a lot of preparation.

First thing that has to be done is precise washing of tires – while washing the tread and tire it is essential to check its state which cannot be thinner than 4 millimeters. Every rip, bulge or imperfection should be treated as reason to thrash them and buy new ones. Then we need to dry and preserve them – proper products to do it can be found in automotive stores so it may be helpful to check them out. To prolong the durability of gum we should use these products on the sidewalls, not the tread. Since UV rays badly affect gum, we need to keep them in a place safe from insolation. A perfect place to store tires is dry and dark place with room temperature that is ventilated from time to time. In heated places tires have to be kept away from fire, heaters and any kind of chemical substances. Tires should not be placed on cold concrete or floor, so it is best to put some cartoon or planks under them. A good hint is to mark each tire with letter or number so that we will know where it was mounted. Let us proceed to the very storing of tires – if they are on rims it is best to put one on the other, put them next to each other, hang them on racks or put on stand. Do not make a tower of tires put on their rims vertically. We need to bear in mind a proper pressure – tires need to stick to their specification. However, it is quite different if we store tires without rims. We cannot hang them on racks, hook or put them in stacks. A recommended solution is to arrange them vertically, it is essential though to invert the position from time to time. Thanks to such steps, our tires will serve us again and drive us to our destination, granting us traction, water discharge and drive comfort. Do not forget about tires – should we have no place to keep them, a good idea is to use one of these tires’ hotels which are painlessly affordable. There is no regret coming from such solution.