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Choose the right tire

Before you buy new tires, there are a lot of things to consider and take into account. How to choose the right tires? The most important factor is the use of your car: whether it is “a daily car”, or used very often in bad weather conditions. Then ask yourself if you want to use these tires only one season or maybe the whole year. The most common type of compound rubber tire does not well in worse weather conditions, particularly, in the snow and in the rain. Moreover,if you are going to take part in drive racesregularly, then you need tires which give you the maximum grip.

At the beginning let us focus on what the size of tire should you go for. Size information is included on the top of the tire, above spokes. We should underline that each car has own matched size of the tire. It is not recommended to use smaller size than this determined by the manufacturer, but bigger sizes are allowed. However, other alternative sizes are included in each carinstruction. The structure of the tire should be also perceived: bias or radial. In case of any doubts related to which type of the tire is the most suitable for your car, always check the size printed on tires you already have. There is printed numbers as follows: 245/40ZR20. What do these numbers stand for? 245 is the width of the tread of the tire in millimeters. The second parameter 40 is called aspect ratio. This is something quite confusing. There should be highlighted that this is the ratio of the high of the side wall of the width of the tire. The third one is the overall diameter of the tire which has to be matched to the wheel that you are going to buy. Considering presented example, the high of the side wall is 40% of the width of 245 millimeters wheel. That is really important factor in the performance of the tire. The higher sidewall is, the more flex and the more grip the car has. If the sidewall is shorter, it looks much better but then there is less grip and flex.

The next parameter is letters printed on the tire as well. In these particular example parameters, “Z” means the speed capability of the tire.  In this case, the tire is capable of speed in excess of 150 miles in one hour. Because of this, it is really important how fast you are going to drive. The last parameter that you should take into account during your tire selection is the tread pattern in the tread compound. The more open and wider tread pattern is, better the tire is going to shed the water and thereby perform better in worse weather conditions. The slick tire provides you with better grip because the rub has more direct contact with the ground (more information about slick tires you can find at The other important fact is that softer compounds have better grip but they have higher sidewall. Harder compounds are much more durable but they will not give you as good traction as the other tires will. All these parameters play really important role, so take them into account, especially if you are going to drive your car on car races or you live in rather cold and rainy climate.

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