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How to buy a spare wheel? A few good advice

Every driver should have a spare wheel in the trunk of their car – be it a normal spare or a space saver. Only this way you can be sure that you won’t get surprised in case of emergency and a flat tire won’t hinder your long trip. Of course, first and foremost, the spare you use should be of the highest possible quality to overcome even the worst road conditions. Those who don’t know how to choose a good spare wheel should read this article – we have prepared a list of important factors you should be aware of. If you’re interested, check out our text below.

  • First of all – size. It all depends what type of spare wheel you will buy – a space saver or a normal variant. If you don’t know what is the size of the wheels of your car, you can find the relevant information in the manual. Many important notes are also on a sticker you can find on a fuel cap, lower part of the driver’s door… look for the stickers on the driver’s side and if you can’t find those, try to search the internet.
  • Speed index is another important thing. It is recommended to buy spare wheels which conform (or exceed) the standard parameter of your car. Why is that? Well, it is safer. You don’t have to drive 200 km/h to make use of the tires, but those made for high speeds are simply more durable, resistant to g-forces and are resistant to damage. Thus, it is better to dish out more money and buy a better spare wheel which will help you more than once if you get a flat tire.
  • Brand also has an importance. The basic rubber mix is the same for almost every tire manufacturer, but the best ones ad something more to make their products better, more durable and use modern technologies in their production process. When you search for a spare wheel, try to buy one from an acclaimed manufacturer – you will get a high-quality product, a warranty for it and you can be sure the spare will stay in good condition for years to come. If you have a standard, middle class car, aim for the standard tires. But if you have a sports car in your garage, you shouldn’t try to save money on spare tires – buy the premium ones.
  • “Best to use” date is also crucial. In theory, tires don’t have “best before” dates specified, but it’s not entirely true. Manufacturers and shops can sell a tire with a 2-year warranty but only if the wheel was stored in the warehouse for no longer than 3 years. As such, you can presume that a “best to use” date for a spare is 5 years. Thus, when you look for a spare wheel, try to find the one which was manufactured recently. How to see the production date? Look at the wheel’s code – first two digits are for weeks, the last two – a year. So if you encounter a spare wheel with a code 3015, you will know it was made in july 2015.

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